A Guide to Protecting Your Drone

A Guide to Protecting Your Drone

Having a drone with you when you are out on your adventures is awesome, while accidentally doing expensive or irreparable damage to it while in transportation is not. That's why we put together this guide on how to choose to the best bag to carry, protect & organize your quadcopter & accessories

Aerial photography and videography has "taken off" with the abundance of new and affordable drones and quadcopters. Drone technology is rapidly advancing with powerful new models that include the 4th generation DJI™ Phantom series, the amazing DJI™ Mavic Pro, the Karma from GoPro® and a host of FPV racing drones and DIY and Ready-to-Fly kits. Whether you are interested in aerial imaging & drone videography or simply love FPV (first person view) flight, one of our core brands on the site, Lowepro has carrying solution that will protect your drone and get it on location.




Getting epic shots with your quadcopter is all about location. Think about your primary flight location(s) and how you will get your drone kit to your takeoff area and back.

  • Drive & fly / short trips:
    If you only walk a short distance or drive right to your flight zone, a grab-and-go solution like the QuadGuard Kit might be the perfect for your needs.

  • Easy Carry + Safe Storage:
    The DroneGuard BP 200 is a great light-weight semi-rigid backpack that  also functions as a storage case for you drone and accessories.

  • Serious Go-Anywhere Backpack:
    If you need to hike your DJI Phantom (or similar size quad) into your flight area, you will need a backpack that is light, protective and above all, comfortable to carry over terrain. The DroneGuard Pro 450DroneGuard BP 450 and DroneGuard Pro Inspired backpacks are the top-of-the-line in Lowepro's DroneGuard Series of Quadcopter packs.

    For hiking with a DJI Mavic Pro, consider the DroneGuard BP 250 or DroneGuard BP 200 or a range of camera bags that carry Mavic Pro and more!




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