Four Clever Ways to Nail Your Instagram Feed

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Four Clever Ways to Nail Your Instagram Feed

On a platform with over 800 million users, how do you make your profile stand out from the crowd?

To me, the answer’s all in the equipment. There’s heaps of great gear out there built for Instagram aficionados – gadgets that not only help enhance your feed, but ones that enhance your experience as a photographer or videographer too.

Here’s my top gear hacks for super slick Instagram content.



Insta-Hack #1: Stay Charged On The Go

Is there anything more frustrating than spotting the perfect moment just as your phone battery runs out? I reckon not, so I’m extra vigilant about keeping all my gear in the green and ready to go.

Being able to charge devices wherever you are is a massive advantage for an Instagrammer. You’ll never have to cut a shoot short, and staying charged all day lets you refine work however you like without constant time pressure.

If you’re the kind of Instagramer who’s out and about a lot, you’ll want to invest in a fairly grunty portable charger.

One of my personal favourites is the ADATA Powerbank. It’s compact and easy to take on the road without getting in the way – perfect if you need to recharge your phone as often as I do.

Find out more here.


Insta-Hack #2: Don't Put Up With Camera Shake

If you’ve ever walked around filming on a smartphone, you’ll know firsthand just how hard it is to keep shots looking still and controlled. A steady cam or gimbal takes care of all of that for you, it automatically cancels any movement you make during filming, meaning cinematic footage and no extra editing headaches later on.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 has an ActiveTrack function, which essentially acts as an automated cameraperson accurately following movement at all times. You can use it to focus on a subject in motion, or become part of the action yourself by locking onto your own face.

Check it out here.


DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Insta-Hack #3: Rethink Your Composition

Capturing moments as they happen can make great footage, but on Instagram the odd pre-meditated setup doesn’t go amiss either.

When you’re shooting things like products, night time scenes, or even mini vlogs, tight composition is vital. By taking the time to set up and control your shots, you’ll end up with more poised images and footage across the board.

If you’re not already using one, add a solid smartphone tripod to your Insta-gear arsenal. Something compact with good surface grip like Joby’s Griptight One Micro Stand is great value for money and helps you crop and line up slick shots before making them happen.

Take a look here.

DJI Spark

Insta-Hack #4: Get a Bird's Eye View

As drone technology becomes more and more accessible it isn’t hard to see why soaring footage and stunning birds-eye-view photography are gaining creatives like Alex Strhol and Tobias Hägg so much traction on Instagram.

Say you’re exploring a classic tourist spot like Wanaka. It’s easy to hit a creative wall when you’ve seen the same eye-level photo of Lake Tekapo a million times, but understanding how to shoot well from above gives you more options. Is their aerial symmetry to capture here? Does the sun’s reflection look from the air?

It’s creative thinking that works perfectly for Instagram – you’re sharing shots and giving your followers a unique take on the world at the same time.

Of course, great aerial footage calls for a great gadget. If you’re keen for a recommendation, Spark’s 1/2.3” CMOS sensor makes drone footage addictive to shoot and pure magic to watch. You can even control the drone’s movements via simple hand gestures if you like, which is a really nice touch.

Learn all about it here.


Apart from hard work and creativity, there’s no single formula for Instagram success. If you’ve any tips of your own don’t be shy – drop us a line in the comments below and share the #instainspo

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