How does Cocoon function in low light or at night?

How does Cocoon function in low light or at night?

Cocoon has been designed to look after your home, night and day, so we've fitted Infrared Red LEDs to ensure that your get the best video coverage, when you need it most. 

In low light or at night, Cocoon's IR LEDs will come into play, triggering a black and white image on your live video or during an alert.

In some circumstances your Cocoon may trigger black and white mode during the day but when in a low light location. This setting is to ensure the best possible quality of video is captured for the conditions, so if you'd prefer colour, we'd recommend that you trial your Cocoon in a different location in your home.

Why does it sometimes start in colour and then switch to black and white?

When armed, whether automatically by your location, or manually in the app, your Cocoon records video in 30-second clips that it re-writes over and over until there is an alert to send to the cloud. This means that at night if your Cocoon is armed, you will immediately see the video in black and white.

If disarmed, because it is not recording video, when you watch "live video" it can take a few seconds to adjust to the ambient light levels, switching from colour, to black and white.

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