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Our Top Pick for a Bluetooth Tracker | The Companionist

Ok so I think we've just found our best hope for finding the keys, the phone in the jacket pocket, the parked car, and possibly even my sanity. Say hello to the Nonda ZUS Car Key Finder!


Nonda Bluetooth Tracker


Life can get complicated, and there is nothing worse than running around like a headless chicken when you need to get out the door. I can pretend that's not me but to be fair; we all have our days. I set off to find a solution for tracking down the things that always seem to go missing. What I came back with is a portable and well designed piece of kit.



Portability is no joke, especially if you have to carry it around all day. The ZUS Car Key Finder measures 3.9cm in length, .7cm in width, and 3.5cm in height, fitting perfectly on the key chain without feeling bulky or oversized. The triangular device is made of durable plastic and is sleek enough to earn it's spot in my pocket.


Car Key Finder


Small but mighty, the ZUS Car Key Finder is packed with great features. The hole is enough to keep more than four keys and it works with Bluetooth 4.0, with a large 23 metres of coverage.

  • These days bluetooth trackers aren't just a one trick pony with the ZUS Car Key Finder being able to find my car down in Newmarket, call my phone (which was under the carseat), and find my keys - even after the tracker had died, with the app recording the fob's last known location.
  • It is kind of loud. In a good way. From the next room I could clearly hear the loud 85dB of sound that the small little ZUS Car Key Finder projected on demand.
  • What I quickly found out, waiding through a mass of plastic bluetooth trackers, was that they were all one charge and replace. Using some kind of sourcery, the iHere is the only key finder that can be recharged. One charge lasts up to 45 days.


Car Key Finder


Final Thoughts

The ZUS Car Key Finder sits in a category of tech products that live up to the mantra; "set it and forget it", and that's something im a fan of. A companion for when you need it, slipping into the background when you don't. It's thoughtful in design, durable, and easy to maintain at a relatively low cost - making it well worthy of sitting on your key chain.

Learn more about ZUS Car Key Finder here

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