Palace or Pad - One size fits all for Cocoon

Palace or Pad - One size fits all for Cocoon

Cocoon has been designed to be ideally suited for homes up to around 185 m2. But then again we've seen Cocoon work in a huge variety of homes of all shapes, sizes and materials. From a four bedroom three-story in Christchurch, to a one bedroom flat in downtown Auckland, Cocoon learns what's normal for your home.

As Cocoon uses machine learning to adapt to the Subsound profile of your home over time, we can recommend Cocoon to a large demographic of property types.

Big and small

For example, with a small urban flat, there's an increased likelihood of neighbouring and external noises within Cocoons range, so Cocoon may initially be quite sensitive and alert more frequently until it has fully acclimatised. So a neighbour's door slamming in the distance, or an airport's flight path overhead will soon be known, learned and dismissed by Cocoon, leaving you to carry on with your day.

A larger house in a rural setting is less likely to be noisy, so Cocoon will likely start off quietly, but as it learns to pick up more and more sensitive Subsound events, you'll be alerted to the things that matter, as they happen.

Moving house

If you move house you can simply take Cocoon with you. Plugging Cocoon in at your new home on the same Wifi network will continue where you left off. Cocoon is constantly learning, so it will adjust to the new environment over the ensuing days/week.


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