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Boom! Crack! Thump! Ever walk down the hall in the dark and feel like someone is right behind you? There's one scientific theory that speaks to many a ghostly sighting. If correct it could mean that Cocoon home security system, like an actual Ghostbuster, could catch any ghouls or intruders haunting your home!

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The road trip season is upon us again! As we leave the office to madly pack the car it's important that we enjoy the company of our loved ones. Check out our tech tips below to make it as stress free as possible.

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A big win for home security as Cocoon gets voted the Best Product at the Crowdcube Awards for 2018. It's an awesome accomplishment for Cocoon who were able to fund their way to success using the platform. The Product of the Year category was voted on by the public - so we should all be slapping ourselves on the back!

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