Everything you need in an Urban Travel Bag

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Everything you need in an Urban Travel Bag

Cutting life down to the bare essentials means that packing for trips becomes quick, simple, and care free. Whether that's in the great outdoors or in the urban jungles of the great cities around the world - not only does life become more efficient; travel becomes liberating. 

Packing everything into a compact space means you can get from destination to destination hassle-free with everything you need, and nothing more. 

What's in a Travel Backpack?

Taking the necessary steps to lighten your load may be difficult to begin with - but once you're out and about you will really notice the difference. Getting down to one bag is far less cumbersome when navigating tightly packed subway stations, endless flights of stairs, and all the other things that get in your way.

The physical limitations of a backpack force you to thoughtfully decide on what you're going to take on your adventure. It makes you travel smarter. 

There really is no better time to make the most of the zen-like way to travel that is traveling with a single backpack. That's because there are so many different travel backpacks out there! With the increased competition comes more choices, and better design. If you're looking for a comfortable, functional, and urban-friendly travel backpack - we've found the one for you.

Our Recommendation: Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

So what is the best urban travel backpack? We think it's the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L; a versatile, durable, and beautiful carry-on travel backpack driven by a simple truth: no two trips are the same.

Most travel backpacks are generally pretty east to pack/unpack — simply unzip it like a suitcase and get whatever you need. However when you're on the go in tight spaces you can't always lay it flat and and fully unzip the bag. That's why the top, side, front and rear access on the Peak Design one with intuitively placed weatherproof zips is awesome. No matter how tight the environment is you're able to access your stuff without the massive hassle.

The bag also meets international carry-on size requirements, which is a must when travelling between countries - but it also expands to be a 45L gear-hauler and collapses to be a 35L day bag, making it unmatched for 1-bag travel. Tons of internal and external pockets, plus a main cavity that’s divisible via a zippered mesh sleeve.

Tuck-away shoulder straps and hip belt use unique magnetic catches to stay magically in-place when checking your bag. 360-degree grab handles. Cleverly concealed external carry straps. All packed within a sleek, weatherproof 100% recycled 400D nylon canvas shell.

You can check out the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L: Here

Regardless of what kind of backpack you choose, we highly suggest using packing cubes. Packing cubes make it easy compartmentalize your clothes into different cubes so you can keep everything easily accessible. Trust us, these things will make backpacking much easier.

Now that you’ve found the perfect backpack for travel it’s time to start packing!


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