What are the five things a new driver needs?

What are the five things a new driver needs?

Getting used to being out on the wide open road can be a daunting task for someone who has never done it before. We're here to help. Here are five ideas that range from practical to fun for the new drivers in your life.

A Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

A car dashboard can be a confusing thing for a new driver, and even just one light can be intimidating. Give a Smart Vehicle Health Monitor to help them identify the issue quickly and without having to pay any extra diagnostic fees. It will also help them check their car's vitals, like the battery life, the fluid levels, the gas mileage and more, right through an app on their cell phone. It can also send you helpful reminders to change your oil, rotate your tires and visit your mechanic. This particular model is sleek and small, which makes it unobtrusive and perfect for any model of vehicle.

An Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit

An emergency roadside assistance kit offers both you and the new driver peace of mind. 

Find one that offers weatherproof, heavy-duty protection on any road and in anyweather. This 90-piece set comes with a flashlight, headlamp, window hammer, deluxe first-aid kit, seatbelt cutter and more.

A Car Backup Camera

Helping your favorite new driver upgrade their car can also make for a thoughtful gift. A wireless car backup camera can make driving an easier, safer and more comfortable experience. This easy-to-install model features a 170-degree wide angle lens, which is 30-degrees wider than traditional 140-degree camera, so it takes the worry out of backing up and provides any driver with safer riding experience. Plus, it's four times clearer than standard cameras, and all you need to use it is a smartphone.

A Car Locator

If the new driver you're trying to find a gift for tends to be a bit forgetful, consider gifting them some confidence with a brand new car locator. The user just clicks the locator to instantly save their parking location so they never get lost in a parking lot again. And that's not all it does: This car locator key finder can also ring a phone that's on silent, control a phone camera, and more. Plus, it's small, sleek and it can last up to 45 days before it needs to be charged again.


A Heads-up Display

A portable heads-up display is a great way for a new driver to quickly and easily get directions without having to pull out their phone while driving. Best of all a Heads-up Display like the Hudway Cast works in any vehicle. It sits on the dash and wirelessly mirrors smartphone screen in front of your eyes. This is how you can view directions and keep your eyes on the road at the same time.

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