Hudway Glass Heads Up Display

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Keep Your Eyes on the Road with the Hudway Glass

HUDWAY Glass is a neat lightweight phone mount designed to make a smartphone operate as a head-up display. Its tinted plastic lens has mirror coating for crisp easy-to-grasp reflection. This way, you can see both the road ahead — and directions reflected on the lens in front of your eyes.








The Hudway Glass Head-Up Display uses special reflective glass to effectively create a head-up display for your vehicle, showcasing GPS information in an easy to view manner.

    Easy to Mount

    With the Hudway Glass Head-Up Display mounted to the dashboard, you lay your smartphone down into the well beneath the reflective panel and the glass will reflect the information present on the screen back towards you.

      Smartphone Compatible

      The Hudway Glass Head-Up Display works with any smartphone and HUD app* to give you a wide scope to work with the apps that you prefer to use.

        Best results

        For the best and clearest HUD possible, it is recommended that you tilt the Hudway Glass to an angle of approximately 53 degrees and adjust your phone UI elements to green.

          All Day & Night

          The reflection rate of Hudway Glass ensures you maintain a clear image on your HUD even on bright sunny days. For night journeys, it is also recommended to slightly dim the display of your smartphone to avoid a secondary reflection from the interior of the windscreen.