Tesa Pro Moon Phase Smart Weather Station

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Low Power Consumption WiFi Remote Weather Monitoring and Reporting Station

Includes the latest information on moon phases, a barometer display, ability to forecast trends, and reporting on changes in temperature and humidity.


    • TESA's Professional Moon Phase Smart Weather Station allows you to monitor your home, office, farm, vineyard or holiday home weather conditions with the brilliant, easy-to-read LCD display
    • The weather station console features wireless connectivity. Comprising of a stand-alone sensor which can be located up to 100 meters away and transmits on the 433Mhz frequency.
    • The weather station measures outdoor and indoor humidity (% RH), outdoor and indoor temperature (F or C), min. and max. humidity and temperature, Barometric pressure 24-hour history graph (in Hg or hPa), Barometric pressure tendency, and Forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure.
    • Important to note that this unit has a very low power consumption with over 2 years of battery life for the remote sensor.
    • Also included alongside the console and sensor is a wall hanging or free standing base station and synchronized instant reception.



WiFi Remote Monitoring & Reporting
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 Wireless outdoor and indoor humidity (% RH)

 Wireless outdoor and indoor temperature (F or C)

 Records min. and max. humidity and temperature

 Barometric pressure 24-hour history graph (in Hg or hPa)

 Barometric pressure tendency arrow

 Forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure

 Time and date with manual setting

 Automatically updates for daylight saving time (on / off option)

 12 or 24-hour time display

 Time alarm with snooze

 Perpetual calendar

 Can receive one sensor

 Includes transmitter

 High light LED back light

 Wall hanging or free standing base station

 Low power consumption

 Synchronized instant reception

 Over 2 year battery life for remote sensor



Wireless outdoor humidity range:

20% to 99% (+/-5% under 0 to 45 C)

Transmission Range:

up to 100m

Indoor humidity range:

1% to 99% (1% resolution)

Indoor temperature range:

+/- 1.0C

Wireless outdoor temperature range:

-40.0C to 65C

Temperature accuracy:

0C to 50C

Transmission frequency:


Power requirements:

3 x AA  batteries, 2 x AAA batteries

Base unit size:

10.2 L x 3.3 D x 18.6 H cm

Sensor size:

6.2 L x 2.5 D x 8.4 H cm