Car Enthusiast Bundle

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The perfect package for the car enthusiast! This collection of the latest ZUS gear puts new technology in even the oldest car!


ZUS HD MUSIC ADAPTOR - Enjoy Bluetooth capabilities from answering calls to listening to HD music hands-free. Compatible with any Bluetooth smartphone and for all cars with or without an AUX portUSUAL PRICE $49.95

ZUS CAR KEY FINDER - Never lose your car key again! Find your keys & phone with one push of a button! USUAL PRICE $44.95

ZUS CAR CHARGER - More than a device for charging your phone while driving, ZUS charges two devices at nearly double the speed of conventional chargers and, via its app enabled interface, is also a car mileage logger, categorizing work versus recreational miles, a GPS-based parking location tracker, a parking meter time logger and alert system, and even a car battery health monitor. USUAL PRICE $59.95

 ZUS SUPER DUTY CABLE (LIGHTNING, MICRO USB or USB A-C) - With a unique 90-degree plug, the ZUS Super Duty Cable is adept at fitting in narrow spaces. It also pairs perfectly with the ZUS Smart Car Charger for on-the-road charging. USUAL PRICE $19.95/$24.95

ZUS VEHICLE HEALTH MONITOR - Monitors your engine health with real-time alerts. Decodes engine error codes, which normally means a costly trip to the mechanic. USUAL PRICE $79.95