Marbotic Smart Numbers

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Discover numbers, addition and subtraction!

Smart Numbers is a fantastic connected toy interacting with educational apps, inspired by the Montessori teaching method.
Smart Numbers work without WiFi, Bluetooth or batteries. They are passive pieces powered by the static electricity of the body. This makes them both very reliable and safe for kids. Every wooden block has 3 soft pods on the back that are gentle to the tablet and do not scratch the screen.

Learning Made Fun

26 wooden connected letters for tablets, to help kids aged 3 to 6 to learn to read and write
The ultimate learning experience mixing the best of traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology
3 free apps inspired by Montessori method, to recognize letters, their sound and their shapes (cursive, script), to enrich vocabulary and to write a infinite number of words that the app will pronounce out loud
100% safe: no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no Battery. Gentle to the screen.
Compatible with all iPads (except iPad 1)

    Active screen time for hands and mind

    A tool for today's kids, inspired by Montessori
    Maria Montessori shared one of her biggest secrets with us: engaging our body in the learning process helps concentration and memory capacity. This is why we decided to combine beautiful wooden toys with interactive screens. With Marbotic, you get the best of both worlds: digital and traditional.
    Engages the body and mind in learning
    Inspired by the Montessori method
    Created with teachers and used in classrooms
    Progressive method for kids aged 3 to 7
    Reinforces autonomy and self-confidence

    Marbotic toys require no battery, no wi-fi, no bluetooth. Your tablet's screen detects the wooden pieces thanks to the static electricity naturally present in our bodies!