Summer Roadie Bundle

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The perfect package for those summer adventures on the road! This collection of ZUS gear allows you to charge your devices and blare out those tunes on your summer road trip!


ZUS HD MUSIC ADAPTOR - Enjoy Bluetooth capabilities from answering calls to listening to HD music hands-free. Compatible with any Bluetooth smartphone and for all cars with or without an AUX portUSUAL PRICE $49.95

ZUS CAR CHARGER - More than a device for charging your phone while driving, ZUS charges two devices at nearly double the speed of conventional chargers and, via its app enabled interface, is also a car mileage logger, categorizing work versus recreational miles, a GPS-based parking location tracker, a parking meter time logger and alert system, and even a car battery health monitor. USUAL PRICE $59.95

 ZUS SUPER DUTY CABLE (LIGHTNING, MICRO USB or USB A-C) - With a unique 90-degree plug, the ZUS Super Duty Cable is adept at fitting in narrow spaces. It also pairs perfectly with the ZUS Smart Car Charger for on-the-road charging. USUAL PRICE $19.95/$24.95